Water Softener SV - DV
Our services:
  • Installation of the device
  • Flushing in contra-current
  • Superior and inferior distributions with self-cleaning system
  • Contor Aqua Turbines
  • 24V safety transformation
  • Special regeneration process: ECOGIZER
  • Capacity measuring with LCD output
  • Memory
  • Refill with softened water
  • Keyboard command
  • The installationcan be used in SIMPLEX, DUPLEX, TRIPLEX or QUADRUPLEX
  • In case of usage in a system, the delivery of the softened water is done in a continual flux
Your advantages:
  • Exact proportion of salt and water
  • Optimal regeneration efficiency
  • Permanent water supply
  • 1L precision, corrosion resistent
  • Trouble free functioning
  • New and ingenious solution
  • The exact and rapid measuring of the capacity is guaranteed
  • The loss of information is prevented even in case of an electrical-fallout
  • The most efficient way to prepare a salty solution
  • Easy maintainence