Device for Potable Water

  • It is the perfect solution for offices, hospitals, schools and institutions.
  • In difference with the bottles systems, this installation assures fresh potable water in every moment using inverted osmosis.
  • INVERTED OSMOSIS is the process of filtration, which filtrates the organic contaminated particles, solid dissolved particles, bacteria and heavy metals from water with the TFC technology.
  • The filtered particles are separated and flushed into to sewer system.
  • It is the best yet known technology for water purification.
  • Our station is equipped with 4 filtartion steps, each of them having a special function.
  • The first step is a 5 µm filter which filters the fine sand, rust and other mechanical impurities.
  • The second step is a filter with active coal of granulated cock, which filters chlorine and organic materials.
  • The third step is a membrane which filters 99,8% of every element dissolved in water as well bacterials and microorganisms.
  • The fourth step is an active coal filter, which filters the marks of dissolved gas which determines the taste of water.
  • The warm water temperature can be set between 85 - 100 °C, the cold between 4 - 12 °C.


  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Button command system.
  • Warming up function.
  • The flushing stops when the glass of water is full.
  • Non-freon cooling system.
  • 8L capacity reservoir with level indicator.
  • 2,5L reservoir for warm water made of steel.

Filtration steps 4,00
Racord JAKO
Membrane TFC (285 l/day)
Capacity Above 28 l/day
Min/Max Pressure 2,8 – 6,0 bar
Cooling system Non freon
Electrical energy consumption, warm water 700 W
Electrical consumption, cold water 100 W
Warm water temperature 85 – 100 °C
Cold water temperature 4°C - 12°C
First step 5 µm
Second step 10 µm active coal
Fourth step Granulated active coal
Cold water reservoir 2,5 l
Warm water reservoir 4 l
Reservoir for room-temperature water 8 l
Dimensions 320 x 400 x 1040 cm
Weight 17 kg