Installation for Water Treatment

Against Scale Deposition and Corrosion



Installation Vulcan
  • Neutralizes scale deposition.
  • Stops the harmful effects of the scale, assures the easy cleaning of sanitary installations.
  • The filtration system of the bacterium is not blocked due to chalk deposition the pipes remains clean and with time the old deposition are eliminated too.
  • The installation uses electricity and high tension impulses.
  • The "CATRONIC" method can be used at thermal waters.
  • The costs of the investment are minimal.
  • Prevents the usage of expensive agents for regeneration.
  • The functioning is guaranteed due to the absence of dynamic pieces.
Area of usage: in industries, laboratories, hotels, hospitals, schools every installation with thermal change.



S5000 300x209


Water Softener Installation Against Corrosion and Scale

What does physical treatment means? 

Hard water means that it contains a big amount of calcium-hidrocarbonate. Calcium-hidrocarbonate transforms under high temperature or pressure in scale crystals, which are stuck in pipes, "T - elbows". These depositions are produced generally through warmwater pipes, on temperature-changing surfaces, but also on sink and shower-heads.

Treated Water

Physically treated water is the same with untreated water if one looks at it from chemical perspective. Scale crystals are prezent, but in a totally different formation: these are harmless. These crystals are not stuck to each other and are floating separately and are flushed away with the water.

Physical explanation

The smallest element of which a crystal is formed is a so-called formation of crystal. Although it is formed by a single grill it contains every information about the form and physical attributes. Formations like this are to be found in physically treated water. The most important is that these stable forms are electro-statically paired and are not attracted by metal surfaces. If we analyze under microscope these crystals, we will see that they have pole shapes, which are not deposited. Every mineral is looking for etalon crystals.

How are etalon crystals formed?

The electronic system of VULCAN S 100 makes a magnetic field variable of high frequency.  The frequency variates between 3000 and 10000 Hz. This interval is modulated from 1 to 10 Hz so every frequency is touched 20 times. These frequencies are connected through electromagnetic output to the pipes where the water is flowing. The molecules of the water passing this area of treatment are agitated due to the frequency emited. 

The following possibilities can occur:
a. the calcium-hidrocarbonate transforms into carbon-bioxide and calcium or potash ions are produced. 
b. in water are small floating particles in tension. Because of the surface pressure these particles are forced into nuclee. Because of the treatment frequency these particles enter in resonation and are destroyed. In this way the floating elements are freed and the crystallization points are ready.

Untreated water Treated water


The explanation above does not reflects the complex problem of water softening, which is making in many cases though times for those who are not specialists in this area. In the prevention of scale deposition are lots of prejudices, but we want to point out to some practical experiments. The method is not usable in cases when additionally to the ion elimination other specific attributes of the water are required. But in cases where the elimination and prevention of the deposition is the main aim, the method C is the most economic way, due to the simplicity, small dimensions and low costs of utilization and maintenance. A practical argument to support the fact above: in Italy the traditional processes of water treatment has been reduced by 80% in the last time.

S.C. SYRINX S.R.L. Miercurea Ciuc is the distributer in Romania for the CHRISTIANI WASSERTECHNIK GmbH company in Germany.