Domestic Water Purifier
The Most Modern Purifier For Home Usage
  • We recommend you this system with the 5 step filtration, which is currently the newest product-line.
  • Home purifier, which prepares potable water and water for cooking.
  • The filtration system with reverse osmosis eliminates every contaminated materials. Through the semi-permeabil filter only the water molecules are passing. The dirt flows directly into the sewer system.
You need this installation!
  • Produces superior quality potable water.
  • Filters all the viruses, bacterias and contamination including hormones.
  • The water obtained this way has a fresh taste, pleasent arome without color, and the food cooked with it is tasty than ever before.
  • Eliminates the deposition and hardness.
Principles of functioning:
  • Through the first 3 steps all the materials in suspension, the bad smell and color is eliminated.
  • The Reverse Osmosis dimineralisates the water. Besides demineralization every contamination is eliminated too. After the reverse osmosis the water is remineralized again, so water has all the ingredients which are need by the human body. After the demineralization the water goes through an active coal filter.
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