• Prevents the limescale sediment; dissolves already deposited limescale.
  • Usable in houses, apartments, hospitals, communal buildings, restaurants, hotels.
  • It works without additional chemical substances.
  • It is recommended up to 30 German degree.
  • It can be mounted on every type of pipe (metal, plastic).
  • Huge capacity, safe functions, without surveillance, convenient price.
This isntallation is necessary for you!

  • It protects the installations, which are in contact with water (boilers, sinks, pipes, washing machines, dishwashers etc.)
  • It can be mounted on every type of pipe (metal, plastic)
  • Low costs of utilization (cca. 8,00 RON/year)


  • No maintainence is needed.
  • It is mounted directly on the pipe, no qualified personnel is needed.
  • It functions without additional chemical substances.
  • The quality of the water does not change.          
  • The deposited limestone has an isolating effect so you are saving energy and money by using ANTICALC.
Principles of the functioning, installation
The installation works without any chemicals, it is mounted on pipes maximum 1" big and can be used up to 30 German degree.
It is compatible with any process of water-treatment.
The usage is recommended in houses, apartments, hospitals, communal buildings, restaurants, hotels.
It protects high value devices from limescale-deposition ((boilers, sinks, pipes, washing machine...).
No qualified personnel is needed the mounting. The installation is functioning stable and long-life.
Space needed for mounting: 30-50 cm.
It can be used for thermal water as well.
With the help of ANTICALC an electromagnetic field is created in the interior of the pipe, which transforms the modular structure of the chalk into an acicular structure, which under pressure isn't deposited.
Ca(HCO3)2 > CaCO3 + H2O+CO2
A part of the cabon-dioxide forms with a small quantity of water an carbon-acid.
The carbon-acid dissolves the remaining deposited limescale.
The water becomes a bit acid, so the pH falls a bit, the conductivity of the water is modified, but it doesn't modifies the measurable hardness.
Experiments show that the superficial tension sinks according to which less detergents are needed in the washing-machine.
The change of conductivity and pH and the production of carbon-acid is so small that it doesn't influence the corrosion of the installation.
Technical characteristics:
Maximum capacity 200 l / min
Maximum diameter 1"
Consumed power 1,5 W
Dimensions 140x92x60 mm
Weight 0,5 kg
Manufacturer  SYRINX S.R.L.


Instructions of mounting:
  • The installation is mounted according to the plan.
  • The two cables are wired on the pipe and fixated with plastic shackles.
  • The command box of the installtion is to be fixed on the pipe by removing the yellow paper from the self-adhesive tape stuck to the installation command.
  • ÎThe space needed between the 2 electrodes is min. 12 cm.
  • The screwing is done to the left in opposite direction.
After the mounting, the installation is to be connected to the electrical system, the LED's should turn green. In case of any problems the LED's will turn red.

We offer a 2 year guarantee.