Active filters

Why R.E.D. Line Filters?
The majority of the filtering operations does not require expensive and sophisticated installations. The R.E.D. Line filters are positioned in the lower and middle segment of the market based on their prices. Every type of the R.E.D. Line filters are competitive from the perspective of price with similar products.
Neverthless, the R.E.D. Line filters are not "cheap". The PE fiber glass cylinders or Polybond steel cylinders together with the longly tested safety of the command valves assures the longevity of the installation.
 Characteristics of the fiber glass PE cylinders
  In the basic configuration the R.E.D. Line filters come with a fiber glass PE cylinders and a Fleck® valve command.
  The dimension of the valve can vary between 1", 1,5", 2", 2,5" or 3", and the diameter of the cylinder can vary between 12"-36" at the filters for eliminating iron and manganese.