Water Is More Expensive Than Gold!
The Earth is called the „Blue Planet”, because 71% of its surface is covered by the water of the oceans. water softener salt water softener system water filtration systems From the whole volume of the water existing on our planet, the sweet water represents only the 2,7%. (35,1 million km3). The body of a newborn baby is 71%, a teenager 69%, a grown up 63% of water. According to the importance for living, water takes the second place right after air. Nothing could exist on our planet without water. It looks like that because of the huge consumption of water, soon the population will suffer from thirstiness. In our days the water is more and more polluted. From the sink flowing water is more and more dirty. Fish are dying in the lakes, seas and oceans. Nowadays it is a problem to assure the quantity and quality of water for consumption and different technological processes. For this reason the importance of the quality of the water in the XXI century is more essential than ever. The global crisis of water is the most important provocation which faces the mankind. 
Our company the SYRINX LTD, is offering, besides our already known and popular products, new solutions the solve the quality of water which you are facing in the family and in the processes of production and industry. The team of the company is at your disposal.
These products are used in the following territories:
  • Making water potable.
  • Water treatment at heat-centrals.
  • Steam furnace.
  • Alimentary industry.
  • Industry of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages.
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Electrotechnical industry.
  • In general at every place and technological processes where water is used.
Some of our important products:
  • Water softener single/duplex.
  • Water filter with active coal.
  • Water filter with sand.
  • Mechanical filters.
  • Installations for eliminating nitrate, ammonium, iron, manganese and heavy metals.
  • Installations for dosing.
  • Sterilizing installations with UV light.
  • Chlorinating installations.
  • Inverse osmotic installations.
  • Installations for partial and total demineralization (in-house).
  • Installations for making water potable (in-house).